Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book & CD Rom


The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book is produced by the National Piping Centre in Glasgow. It is gaining a reputation amongst those in the know for being one of the best tutors for beginners to be available in a long time. The list of contents include a CD ROM with instructional video clips for the pc. The video is of Pipe Major Gordon Walker, ex Royal Highland Fusiliers. Piobmaster player, which plays all the exercises and tunes in the book. Also for a pc. The output can be made to sound like a chanter or the bagpipes. 20 audio tracks that can be played on your computer or standard cd audio player.

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There are teachers and students worksheets and records that you can print out so you can keep track of where the students are. Lastly all the exercises and tunes can be printed out if required. One of the most extensive piping tutors complete with photographs, notation and antidotes. Includes CD/CD Rom. CD Rom System Requirements: IBM Compatible Pentium PC with Microsoft Windows 95 or higher. PCI Sound and PCI Video cards recommended. CD Contents: The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book software incorporating Piobmaster Player and Instructional Video Clips. 20 Audio Tracks.

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