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You Can Play The Harp Book


You can play the harp book. 102 pages by Victoria Lynn Shultz. This book is designed to get you started on your journey. While previous experience playing the piano or reading music can be helpful in your study of the harp, it is not necessary. Why wait another day, when you can have all this enjoyment now?

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You will learn the fundamentals of reading music and basic rhythm. You will learn how to tune the harp, change strings and take care of your instrument. Illustrations of hand positions will guide you in playing proper with proper technique, which will ultimately help you play the harp with ease and confidence. Warm-up exercise will focus on one concept at a time, followed by tunes you will recognize from childhood favourites to popular Irish and Scottish melodies. Before you know it, you will be playing an arrangement of Greensleeves and having more fun than you ever thought possible. So let the fun begin!

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