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Mally Irish The Crossroads Dance


Shaskeen Series It all started in 1970 when Tom Cussen and Benny O'Connor got together with friends in London and played in the Oxford Tavern in Kenti. All the tunes (along with the chords as played) from five of their cassettes (which are now available in CD format) have been transcribed into two wonderful books. Copious cross-references have been appended, which go a long way to filling in the background to the tunes, encouraging the musician to look further. The tunes in the two books are those being currently played in Irish sessions which was the inspiration for producing them. The recordings are excellent examples of the sound of a working, authentic and respected c ilĂ­ band and therefore the books aren't dusted-off reprints, but instead contain up-to-date, popular versions of tunes being played today.

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