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Mally Gordon Tyrralls Irish Choice


If you've ever walked eagerly into an Irish music session, your flute under your arm, your whistle in your top pocket, then felt the smile drain from your face as one tune after another swept by you into oblivion.. don't despair! With this repertoire of tunes, you will no longer find yourself trapped at the bar with the resident conversationalist, or forced into drinking far more than you intended. The great majority of the tunes in this book are popular session tunes. The selection of tunes found here should enable players of any melody instrument to contribute to music sessions; it is also a sound base for building a personal repertoire. Irish music sessions have been a feature of the traditional music scene for years now and show no signs of abating. Many players have honed their skills among them first before bringing what they have learned to the concert platform. Irish music is not a static, it is constantly changing. The influence of recordings by Matt Molloy, The Bothy Band, Planxty etc. has had a major impact in recent years however, the tunes in this book have stood the test of time and fashion and they're sure to remain firm favourites for many years to come. Gordon Tyrrall is an accomplished player of the wooden flute, tin whistle and the guitar, this book and its accompanying recordings are are his selection of personal favourite Irish tunes; it reflects his maturing as a musician being involved in the phenomenal number of sessions that have taken place in and around Leeds over the last three decades. The book contains 101 tunes, chords, drawings by Gordon, notes on the tunes, a discography, a biography, explanation of technique and a discourse on the wooden flute.

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