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Mallys Accompany Irish Music Gtr CD


The recording is presented as an essential companion to the book because of the difficulty in trying to convey all of the elements of any (rhythm) guitar style solely in written form. I felt that the recording would transmit such elements as the exact accenting of some rhythms in a more comprehensible way than any amount of dots, lines and numbers would do. Also, hearing the accompaniment in place with some excellent melody players will give you a clear picture of what it is supposed to sound like. Each track appears both with and without accompaniment so you can have a go yourself when you feel ready. To help you find your way around the CD, the track numbers appear within a CD symbol where appropriate. In your endeavours, bear in mind that it's good to be able to put technique aside when it comes to playing music (as opposed to practising). The more comfortable you are in your ability, the more you will be able to do this and put heart and soul into your playing. Whether you're playing in an informal acoustic session or performing on stage to a listening audience, as your technique becomes second nature to you, you will be better able to concentrate on everything else. It's good to take your playing seriously but when it comes to having fun with what you've learned, the less you need to worry about technique, the better. So, in the course of learning to play or improving your playing, don't forget that whatever you're learning, you're learning it so that you can forget about it when the time comes to have some fun. Good luck!

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