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GrooveTech CaseTools F Guitar MultiTool


Four-sided multi-tool for quick tweaks to your F-style USA Guitars. 1/8” ball-end hex wrench, 1/16”, and .05” hex wrenches for truss rod and bridge adjustments. Custom Phillips screwdriver bit handles both #1 and #2 screws in neck plates and pickguards. Adjust your truss rod, string action and intonation, and more. Made from pro-grade vanadium steel for exceptional durability and performance.

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CaseTools Guitar Multi-Tool allows you to make quick tweaks to your Fender USA Guitar, and it’s small enough to fit right in the palm of your hand. It features four different sides: 1/8” ball-end hex wrench for truss rod adjustments, 1/16” and .05” hex wrenches for bridge adjustments, and a custom Phillips screwdriver bit shaped to handle both #1 and #2 screws like those in your neck and pickguard. Made from pro-grade vanadium steel, each end will perform flawlessly for years to come.

This Guitar Multi-Tool is the first in a line of GrooveTech CaseTools products that provide essential setup solutions when you don’t have a full kit on hand.

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