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Guitar Thigh Rest-Ergoplay Tappert Model


ErgoPlay Tappert Model. Improved version of the popular ErgoPlay Professional thigh rest, designed by Johannes Tappert. Offers full flexibility and player comfort.

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Developed by Johannes Tappert, this professional device is designed to offer maximum flebility and player comfort in a thoroughly ergonomic way. The new design provides improved balance to hold and play the guitar plus a wide adjustment range for individual comfort. The thigh rest measures 235mm and offers individual adjustment for both height and angle. It's fitted with 3 adjustable suction cups that are replaceable and easy to remove. Made in Germany.

You can adjust the rest's inclination and angle to suit your height and your habit of playing.


  • Thigh rest 235mm (self-adhesive hard rubber). Individually adjustable in height and inclination
  • 3 adaptable suction cups for easy rib attachment
  • Suction cups can be changed and removed easily


Perfect weight distribution for better balance while playing

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