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Schaller Bass Pickup-5 Str Black 2325MM


Humbucker series for 5-string electric bass guitar

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Humbucker series for 5-string electric bass guitars with a wide (62 mm) string spacing. Uses 2 strong ceramic magnets and 10 solid iron barrels as pole pieces. Delivers a high output, mighty lows and punchy mids. Perfect for rock and metal.

All Schaller pickups are manufactured to the highest quality requirements and the most demanding quality standards:

  • In order to avoid deviations, the number of coil windings are controlled with utmost care.
  • For a constant sound quality and reduced microphonics, all relevant metal parts are made of German silver.
  • To avoid microphonic problems, all coils are vacuum-potted by means of a unique method.
  • The colour selection includes black, creme and white plus the black/creme zebra combination.
  • To provide the largest possible range of sounds, all humbuckers have 4-conductor leads. This allows the following wiring options: series, parallel, single coil, and out of phase.
  • Schaller humbuckers are easily installed into any guitar where humbuckers were already mounted or planned. The mounting lug on the pickup baseplate has 3 instead of 2 screwholes and is thus universally usable with all common types. Furthermore, the use of the Schaller pickup frame with its 4-point fixation reliably prevents a tilting of the pickup in the frame.

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