1M Didgeridoo Red / Wood Grain Ceremonial Dot Art


Hand painted authentic didgeridoo from the  Kamilaroi people of NSW.  Made from ant eaten Mallee Eucalyptus. Main colours: Red, Brown and natural wood grain. Artist:  Deb Chalmers. Handmade in Australia.

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Hand-painted Didgeridoo - 1.3 metres long. 

These didgeridoos are authentically made in Australia by genuine Aboriginal artists. Made from locally sourced timbers, the didgeridoos are white ant eaten wood and then drilled, finished with a wax mouth piece. Each instrument is supplied with information about the artist and timbers used.

Designs Subject to Change: Designs can change completely order-to-order as different communities create and paint the instruments with their own unique styles. Please inquire if you are after a specific style or colour scheme.

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