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Didgeridoo (Australian) Hand-Painted Bloodwood/Stringybark 1.2m-1.3m


Authentic Australian hand-painted Didgeridoo made in the traditional method from prized Bloodwood. Length - 1.2metres - 1.3 metres. Made in Australia from Australian bloodwood (aka Stringbark). Styles, lengths and designs of authentic didgeridoos vary from didge to didge.

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These didgeridoos are authentically made in Australia and are decorated by genuine Aboriginal artists. Made from locally sourced Bloodwood, the didgeridoos are white ant eaten wood and then drilled, finished with a wax mouth piece. Some bloodwood (stringybark) models may have flared ends. The hard nature of bloodwood provides a bright and powerful sound, with lots of tonal variations possible. Each instrument is supplied with information about the artist and timbers used. Sizes range from around 1.2m to 1.3m.

Designs Subject to Change: Designs can change completely order-to-order as different communities create and paint the instruments with their own unique styles. Please inquire if you are after a specific style or colour scheme.

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