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Makers II Cello Only - C Grade - 4/4 Dark


Makers hand-made, hand varnished instruments with attention to plate tuning & graduation, are available in 3 grades of tone-wood selection.

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The ‘Makers’ instrument range is completely hand-crafted in a small workshop in the northern China region.  This husband-wife team produce a small, select reserve of instruments per year focusing of tonal excellence rather than quantity.

‘Makers’ instruments feature carefully selected well-flamed 2-piece maple backs with matching neck-blocks and well-seasoned, close and straight grained spruce tops for use in their small workshop specialising in plate graduating and tonal excellence.  Their hand-applied oil varnish and subtle antiquing is outstanding. With a limited number of instruments produced yearly, the fine workmanship is very apparent both tonally & in appearance with each proudly-made instrument. 

This range is designed for Australian makers, luthiers and specialists in mind as each instrument is supplied as ‘bare bones’ to be set-up and presented to our market uniquely reflecting the character and preferences of each Australian luthier. This typically includes the use of the best componentry: pairing of European strings, high-grade French bridges, German Wittner Ultralight Tailpiece etc.

Instruments are supplied in a ‘bare-bones’ format with just ebony pegs and ebony fingerboard and are available in 3 grades that relate directly to tone-wood selections.

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