Darbuka-Black Aluminium


Aluminium Darbuka with blue-tint synthetic head, comes in black padded bag. Unique lightweight style and design with a highly responsive drumhead producing a powerful, resonant and distinct sound.

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  • Colour: Slate-coloured body with blue-tint head
  • Material: Aluminium body and synthetic head
  • Height: 43cm
  • Head diameter: 27cm
  • Base diameter: 18.5cm
  • Number of tuning bolts: 8
  • Inclusions: Black padded carrying bag and tuning key



  • Powerful, resonant and distinct sound
  • Unique style and design
  • Lightweight
  • Highly responsive drumhead
  • Typically played while held under one arm
  • Well suited for high-pitched snapping sounds as well as a wide range of articulated doum and tak strokes

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