Intellitouch Chromatic Tuner Bravo PT50


The inventors of the world's 1st clip on tuner offer more innovation and versatility in a compact design.

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With a new and unique color display, Intellitouch Bravo offers musicians a sleek new chromatic tuner in a class all its own. The Intellitouch Bravo is automatic, chromatic, and displays the measured musical note on a large, backlit LCD screen for fast accurate tuning. A single button interface simplifies the tuner operation, which also includes a pulse type visual metronome. Bravo has a reversible clamp design, which allows more versatility for perfect viewing. It displays enharmonics and transposes to C, A, E-Flat, B-Flat or F, making it a perfect tuner for plucked-strings, bowed-strings, woodwinds, brasswinds and more!

  • Clear, easy to read color display
  • Built in visiual metronome
  • Reversable clamp
  • Pitch calibration
  • Transposes to C, A, Eb, Bb, or F
  • Displays enharmonics (sharps or flats)


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